Squatting chicken: vent looks strange


8 Years
Apr 15, 2011
hey all,

one of my ee's who is 18 weeks old has been squatting for almost a week now. It has been a little surprising because she is not as red as the other 2 ee's.

she is also the bossy and loudest chicken i have....so when she was squatting, I scratched her back and she showed me her vent...it was kind of bald and looked bigger than the other chickens...does anyone has pictures of what a vent looks like from a chicken that has laid an egg?

i suspect she may be laying but have yet to find any eggs...she is quite loud in the morning but no eggs in nest box or run...they do get the free range around the yard and i have been looking out for eggs but have found nothing yet...

maybe i should catch one of the other chickens and check out their butt to see if it is similar.
Im definitely no expert, but i have heard this. : A chicken ready to lay will have a large, red and sort of moist vent.
Hovever, the red part of that depends on the color of the chicken's skin. So, id say a chicken with a large, moist different colored vent than the rest of its skin, is a ready hen!!
Hmmm....maybe I'll just wait for an egg instead of looking for a moist vent...yuck...
Check the vent shape. When they start to lay the vent becomes oval (like an egg). Before laying the vent is rounder.

My pullets are starting to lay and we are checking vents to figure out who has started and who hasn't.

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