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Dec 17, 2015

This is our 2nd group of chicks we have raised. However i was pregnant with our barred rocks and didnt mess with them much. This is one of our 22 week old easter egger pullets. Is this the squat everyone talks about before they lay eggs? Her comb just turned red and so far is the brightest of the 4 pullets. Im so excited to see what egg color they will all lay!


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Dec 12, 2013
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Hi! :frow
The squat that chickens do when they are close to laying looks like this :

For me it is one of the best indicators of how close a chicken is to laying (an egg can usually be expected about 1-2 weeks after they squat for the first time). This is because chickens squat to provide a stable platforms for rooster to use during mating - if they can't produce eggs to be fertilised then there is no point in squatting!

Combs are also a good indicator of their maturity, they should be bright red, plump and shiny. The only problem with this is that the colour can change easily depending on their exertion and other factors.

You can also try looking at the hens' pubic/pelvic bones. As shown in the diagram below they are quite easy to fine near the vent of the hen. Two fingers or more apart means the hen is close to laying because the space between her public bones is large enough to pass an egg through.


Hope that helps and that your Easter Egger lays soon! :)
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