squatting rooster?

Kacey's Krazee's

Aug 8, 2009
Normangee, Texas
I have a young flock, they will turn 22 wks on Wed. Getting red in the face and wattles. I have one.. who was told to me was a 'roo, and I believed them. But yesterday, he/she did the squat. None of the others have acheived that status as yet. I was hoping he was a roo... but, I have to ask... will a young 'roo do the squat before he matures?

Nope, not sure. I am not very good at telling them apart when they are young. I was told by the person I got him/her from that he was. I bought him when he was about a week old, from somebody who sells rare poultry. I guess I assumed she knew what she was talking about.

I don't mind if she is a pullet... but I was thinking this entire time he was a he.... his name is Rufus. But I have never seen a 'roo squat either... but was just wondering if they might do that if they weren't mature yet. Guess I better think of a better name for her !
Does it have pointed feathers on back and tail? Does this chick crow? He should be already or least attempting to.

The hen has duller colors, not as shiny and vivid in colors as the roosters would be. Her neck and tail feathers are more rounder instead of pointed.

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