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    Most of my hens have finally made it through their molt. Yesterday one of the hens squatted. Does that mean that she may start laying eggs in a bit? I think she may be one of the "mamas" that raised a chick that hatched from a shipped egg (long story). If so, she has been on hiatus since August. Anyway, any ideas as to if this squatting behavior MAY lead to laying??
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    That's one of the signs she is maturing enough to lay. I think mine started to do the squatty about 1-2 weeks out from laying their first egg. You may also see their combs and wattles getting redder. How old are your girls?
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    Oh, shoot, they're 2+ years old. I know that when they're starting to lay, that's one of the indicators - squatting. These girls may or may not be the mom of a chick that hatched in late August. I've never had hatching eggs before, so I don't know if squatting is an indicator when they're a bit older - after they've weaned the chick - that they're ready to lay eggs again..
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    Any age hen in lay, or near it, might squat for a human if there's no rooster around.
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    So Funny! I let my hens out everyday around noon (after they lay their eggs) and I have one Road Isl. Red that waits at the exit until I lean down and giver her a gentle squeeze on her thighs. My broody hen is not laying of course, but she get off her nest and joins the others for some exercise and nourishment.

    I do not have a Rooster (too noisy for my development in a rural area of town) and the Girls seem to think I am their daddy. Sometimes when I walk around outside the house, some hens walk over and wait, squat and stay still until I gently rub their thigh area. They get up, shake their buts and run off.
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    Dec 6, 2014
    Sometimes when I just try to pick them up, they squat and open up their wings a little bit. I think it maybe a habit, or a "get ready position". But my other chicken has been squatting after she hatched her chicks. I think that it means that "she's done" like no more mating I'm tired sort of thing. A friend told me that if they squat after hatching eggs, it keeps the roosters from mating. If they do, they will just slip off and not get a good "grip". There are many ideas that tie into that. I hope this helps.
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    Mar 28, 2014
    Great reply. I believe you covered all areas quite well. many thanks for the information provided.

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