Squawking fighting hens

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    I have 4 hens, all about 10 months old. This morning they started squawking a lot, not sure if this is why but there was what I believe ajuvenile hawk flying away from an area near them. I stayed outside with them awhile and they weren’t stopping. The one that was squawking the most, I picked up and brought inside with me. The others hid under their usual bushes and haven’t heard from them since. I tried to let the loud one out a few times and every time she starts squawking loud again. I tried putting her near the other girls and one of them I believe to be lowest on the pecking order before I had even let her go, started pecking her neck feathers. What to do??? Also, is there a way to find a forum of people in my area?
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    I would put her out and hopefully she calms down after a bit. I would also do a thorough search of the area. Some chickens when they get spooked can carry on for a long time.

    You should be able to do a search of this site with your states name to hopefully find a thread.
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