Sshhhhhhh .. raising chicks in an apartment.. eeek?! *pics*


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Apr 18, 2009
While I'm cleaning the brooder that's located in my DD12's walk in closet .. the babies get to play on a towel in her room.

I'm quickly running out of time, but am enjoying every minute of it ..

Anybody else done it??







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LOL Anything goes!

You would have to be forever clean when you have chicks in the apartment! The dander is unbelievable!

They are all so cute!
Where do they go when theyre bigger?

I cant imagine having them in a brooder after 3 weeks of age.. the dander is SO horrific, it just coats everything... lol.

Looks like fun though.
Everyone is soooo right! I had converted a large walk-in shower into a brooder and didn't move them outside til they were 4.5 weeks old. It took me almost a whole day to clean that bathroom and that was all on washable surfaces- the dander is like talcum powder and it gets EVERYWHERE!! Good Luck!

Where will they go when you are done brooding them?
We're building a house on our 5 acres .. I jumped the gun a little on getting fertilized eggs .. eeeek.

Anyway .. I've put up the dog kennel out at the property, and am moving an old wooden rabbit hutch out there to put in the kennel. This will be a makeship coop for the time being.

Timing is close .. nights are getting a little cooler .. I want to see more feathers .. and the electric company is supposed to drop electric out there this week.

So hopefully we'll get electric, start going to the property everyday to watch progress on the house, and chickies will have their hutch/coop to finish growing up in.


Oh, and thanks for the dander warning .. eeeeekk

They sure are cute and look happy and healthy
I think there are a few of us that can attest to the "makeshift coop for now" statement. I being one of them
Good luck!

And OMgosh the dander was incredible. Like talcum powder!....I couldn't wait to get them out of my house.

Hope the timing works for you, enjoy them, they are cuties
I will be doing this next spring.. At the moment I have three adult buttons that live in my apartment... And just moved out the 5 jumbo Coturnix that where injured ....
I've had other birds in the house (used to raise cockatiels and quakers) so I know what the dander is .. I guess it's just 10 fold on a bird this size .. lol. Luckily, I guess, the 4 SFs aren't feathering a quickly as the Am .. I really would like to see more feathers before I have to throw them outside though ..

DH just keeps asking "How long are these chickens going to be in here?" .. Originally, he thought it was just for the weekend. .. silly man!
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try having 20 in my about loud and sometimes is the only safe place in my house- kids won't keep my spare room door closed and I have cats and dogs... we are working on an ouside coop at the moment for when they get bigger

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