St. Gabriel Organics Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

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    Hi guys! not sure if I am posting this in the right spot. But I have been reading and reading all of the posts here regarding (DE). My local feed mill carries the St. Gabriels Orgainc Diatomaceous Earth. It says pet safe and OMRI approved. The lady at the mill swears she called the Co. and says it is food grade, however it doesn't say so on the packaging. Not I am not sure if it is because Perma Guard has the "rights" to label theirs that way or not? Has anyone used St. Garbriels Organics Diatomaecous Earth? I believe from what I can see online is that it is 85% is the top ingredient like Perma Guards.

    Also in regards to using DE has anyone had any negative effects with using it around the chickens? I have been researching this for a few days and I just feel more confused about it. [​IMG]

    Thanks for your input in advance!

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    I've been using it for about months now with pine shavings versus straw in my coop. Seems to be fine for the chickens and the fly numbers are down. Using recommendations from this site was the reasons I started using it in deep bedding. I went with Red Lake Earth or aka Red Earth (see below URL).
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    85% is the top ingredient like Perma Guards.

    ALL DE is 85-90% Silica.. There's nothing "organic" about it, so that part is misleading

    "Food Grade" is a legal definition, so it couldn't be "copywrited" or used a a trademark.

    It's "safe" to use, just like sand is safe to use, since they are both chemically the same

    If you're going to use it to help control insects, it will work.

    If you're planning to feed it to the birds for parasite control, it's a waste of money​
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    The st. Gabriel's is food grade there is a sticker on my package. I picked it up today from Home Depot.:)

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