St.louis, area and surrounding area Marans breeders

bald k9

10 Years
Sep 5, 2009
Rural Edwardsville
Hello ,I am looking for some true dark dark marans eggs, I have had alot of supposed to lay dark marans, from chicks to laying age, pullets and hens for over two years, and not one impressive dark egg , at the start of season nor the end of season, and yes I know they lay lighter as the season ends, but I would like to purchase eggs or chicks, from a breeder that is proud of their egg color and can prove it, Thanks again and let me know what you have , I would prefer to pick up , as shipped eggs dont seem to work for me!
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Hi from southern Illinois. I grew up in good ole Wood River and now live down state. I don't know of any marans breeders immediately off the top of my head. Look through the marans thread til you find local folks to pm or email. Also, check with the marans breeders sites and you will find contact information. I got my marans from here on the auctions. I have been well pleased with the chicks I received.
I should have maran eggs by next spring to sell also. Mine have not started laying. I am hoping to see some good egg color from my hens.

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