St. Mary's County Maryland and Surrounding Area?


10 Years
Jul 1, 2009
Hi all. I'm just wondering who all is from The St. Mary's County Maryland area? I feel like I'm all alone down here.
Prince George's County, here. Used to live in Wicomico county (a much better place for chickens).

Do you know of any Chicken related shows or clubs down here? I'm feeling rather left out myself.
I'm rather tooked me til page 10 in to find other flock owners in md! I'm in baltimore county and i was starting to think i was the only one.
You are not alone.. unless you are looking for other duck owners... I have chickens or rather they have me. I am also in St. Mary's County. I have only had chickens since April. Farmers Market, Easter..need I say more?
Hello everyone! I'm from So.Md too! Mechanicsville to be exact. My 1st ever chicks will be shipped here around the 12th and my kids and I can't wait!

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