stabilizing a dislocated /slipped achilles tendon on chick

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    I have a now 3 week old chick who has a slipped tendon in one leg. I thought it was splay/spraddle legs, and put on hobbles, which didn't fix it (I'm fairly new to chicken and had never had any of my chicks have a leg deformity/injury)...but then later came across a web page describing the exact issue it had...the tendon had slipped to the side in the hock area...making it look a lot like a twisted leg except for the weird tendon on the side rather than down the back of the joint. Has anyone had any success in treating this? I can slip it back in but can't make it stay for any amount of time....The site I found a large amount of the info mentions putting it in a chick chair...but nothing about stopping the reoccurring slippage (just putting it in the chair is pointless if he's kicking his legs and undoing the fix ) . It cannot really walk at all like this and I have grown very attached to the little baby...any one have any ideas/help????
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    I have not delt with it, but other members have.

    Use the search link (upper left, in the blue bar, above your logged in name) - it is a great search. Put slipped tendon in and you can search in all forums or specific forums - there should be lots of reading for you.

    Hope the little one gets better [​IMG]
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    There is a little stretching exercise you do that pops it into place, and you have to keep doing it before it will stick- sort of like a chiropractic adjustment. Speckledhen put some info on the Delaware thread last fall- it worked on a chick of mine.
    You gently pull straight back, like what a chicken does when it stretches a leg out behind itself.
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    Does anyone know if I dissolved a Ativan pill in some water would be a gental way to put her down?

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