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6 Years
Sep 27, 2013
RE: an earlier thread on this site. Beware of this breeder. Their facilities are not the best, poor chickens are kept in cages (no coop) and don't even have nest boxes, roosting bars or able to free range. I also noticed dirty drinking water (I snuck a driveby). They also require all monies up front even though they can't deliver chickens for several months (I inquired via telephone) which even the big hatcheries don't ask for until the chicks are acutally being shipped.
This is Stacks Chicken Farm. Were you the one that tried to steal some of our chickens and now have the audacity to write FALSE comments about us?! You were trespassing on our property and we have cameras set up to prove it. First of all, we never give out our address to anyone over the phone, unless they bought birds from us, we don't have a sign out advertising our business on property. You can't see our coops and set up from the road. You would have literally had to have illegally walked all over our property. We have gone to the authorities about this.....ANYONE THAT BUYS BIRDS FROM US KNOWS THIS IS FALSE FOR OUR BIRDS ARE VERY HEALTHY AND KEPT IN CLEAN COOPS AND ARE ABLE TO FREE RANGE....THE INTERNET IS SUCH A WONDERFUL PLACE FOR YOU JUST INCRIMINATED YOURSELF ONLINE!!! THANK YOU!
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