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    Nov 28, 2013
    I have been reading some of the older posts beating up on this breeder and recently became a byc member. (Long time lurker, please forgive me:))

    I have been doing business with Todd and Lori for well over 2 years now. I've bought everything from sex links, reds, to my new acquisitions of some copper marine, Wyandottes and black australorps. He's raising some welsummers for me for spring. Stacks has the quality of bird you should come to expect from a breeder. I'm here to tell you that their facilities are clean and comfy for the chicks. They all live closely together with an obvious dose of TLC. The birds from stacks are so gentle that you know they were given attention and taken care of.

    I stopped by to pick up the marans last week. Todd met me at the door with popsicles for my 3 boys and let them each pick out their own birds.

    Hope all you in byc have a happy Thanksgiving and consider my honest review when vetting breeders for your next purchase and addition to your flock. Cheers Todd and Lori and grow me up some Welsummers when I stop back up in spring.

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