staggered incubation- vastly different air cells

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    Mar 20, 2016
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    I have 12 eggs that are at day 11, 19 eggs at day 8 and 4 eggs at day 6 (have another incubator to move first set two on day 18)

    Still cannot see into the dark brown eggs but all the others I can. The day 6 eggs appear clear/duds but leaving them in for now

    Humidity is running 40-55%RH Hovabator still air. Runs between 99.5 and 101 with 100 being average and significant chilling when turning (but certainly no worse than a hen getting up to eat- around 75) House temp 57-59, outside temps 10-50F

    But the odd thing is most of the eggs have air cells that fit their age exactly, a small number have smaller aircells than you expect and a small number have air cells closer to day 18

    Strangest thing I have seen

    This is the new model Hovabator still air which is a lot different than the original one I had in the 80's which was round and much more stable temperature wise

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