Stainless Steel waterers, fire concerns from heaters

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    Apr 26, 2009
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    Have been searching and reading, no good answers as to the availability of stainless steel waterers. The question's been asked several times, is there really no answer?

    ...also saw some great DIY designs to heat under the waterers, like a bulb inside a cinder block covered by another brick. No guarantee that water would not get in. As the posts sometimes went back years, how have these designs stood the tests of time?

    We have been using the galvanized vacuum-style waterers. One freezes in the coop overnight, but I have another that I keep in the laundry room and bring out in the morning, then switch 'em again in the evening. In cold weather those waterers don't always keep vacuum, and it takes several tries to get the vacuum to hold. If not, it slowly drips out even if perfectly level. Getting sick of them. They say 'made in USA' but they are defintely China-quality... and at $25 a pop it's just one of those things that make keeping chickens too expensive a proposition.

    Please advise.

    Robert in Vermont

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