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    Feb 13, 2014
    My rooster roscoe has been around for years. We live on 18 acres and have an area with several animals. He always stayed there but recently has started coming into my garage and staying there literally all day . My garage door is broken so cant shut it. He poops in there and everything. My son is terrified of him and we cant even play outside
    Bc he wont leave and will just get right up on us. He just wants food. But now he has started running into the back of my legs as im walking in the garage and will literally corner me and make it to where i cant get in or out. He needs to go back to his area but everytme i get him there he just ends up rt back at the house. I dont want to hurt him but any suggestions or ideas would be great. He now just stays at the house . I dont think his intention is to hurt anyone but he is becoming more agressive. Why would he suddenly after so long start coming to the house. We feed the animals in there area including him so why?.... Something has got to give though and if i cant reteach him... Ill prob have to find a new home for him. Thanks.

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