Stand offish chicks?


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Mar 29, 2011
I have 2 1/2 week old chicks, have gone out everyday to feed, water, spend time with them...I offer treats (mealworms, superworms, yogurt) but they still act scared to death of me!

I call them when I go into the coop, they know I have treats, and act VERY curious but wont gather round me. Only the Barred Rock chicks have the nerve to take a worm from my hand, or crane their necks with curiosity when I hold a treat for them.

I work during the day, so I'm not out there all day, but I try to spend about 45 minutes a night with the girls.



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Jun 20, 2010
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Move slowly and quietly (not saying you don't already, just reinforcing the idea). Choose a time when you can sit down and let them come to you. You'll be surprised how quickly they become used to you and then they'll start to hop and perch on you. Don't let them on your shoulder or you'll eventually get pecked in the eye- I know from painful experience. Of course, you shoulders and head will be where they want to go, because it's the highest part of you. Just want to warn you
Always bring their favorite treats like you have been, and be patient. They're not puppies and kittens that crave your affection, and they'll always act, well, like chickens, but time, patience, and treats work wonders. Keep in mind if you want to pet them to reach for their breast area, and not from above. Predators come from above for chickens, and no matter how used to you they get, they don't like to be reached for from that direction.

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Apr 28, 2011
When they are that youg don't worry it's completely normal they just need to get use to you
And it's always good to try and sit down sometimes and let them get use to you and play around with you

Good luck:D

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