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8 Years
May 9, 2011
I have a flock, everyone has been raised together since hatch day. Unfortunately since too many of the banties turned out to be roosters I have to make some changes. I have:
1 standard orloff roo
3 standard orloff pullets
1 nankin roo
3 nankin pullets
1 belgian d'anvers roo
1 old english banty roo
1 mondern game(?) roo
1 amereracauna banty pullet
1 cornish banty hen

The roos are getting roostery. The nankins and the orloffs get along really well together. Could I take out the other roos and keep the nankins, orloffs and other banty hens together or will the orloff roo become more agressive once the others are gone. I really like my little roos. I will have to put them in with some standard pullets I have. I wish the hatcheries would sex banties because I hate getting attatched to these little guys and then....


8 Years
Jan 12, 2012
I have separate cages for the "lonely" roo's. If they are showing some aggression to you, time for some enchiladas, but to the hens; i'd remove him.

You said the Nakin and the bantie hens get along, you can put them in their own run, just keep the "lonely" roosters in different corrals.

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