Standard Barred Cochins

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    Ok, it has been a very long time since I have done this, and things have changed a bit. So just stick with me on this, lol. What I have available is an adult pair of LF Barred Cochins. I would consider these to be PQ maybe BQ. They are a little on the small side and type could for sure be improved upon. Got them because I missed having birds and im not enjoying them as much as I thought I would. They seem to be fairly young but not sure how old, I would guess 2 years old maybe. Asking $25 for these. I also have available some of the chicks hatched from this pair. There are 4 pullets and one cockerel. These seem to be a bit better than the parents but still not what I would consider to be SQ or good BQ. Asking $5 each on them, they are about 10 weeks old. These are for PICK UP ONLY. I cannot ship nor do I have the time for it. I plan to attend a few shows locally here so delivery to those shows is a possibility. Sorry I dont have any pics of them. [​IMG] Also have some Call Ducks for sale, but will make a seperate post for these little boogers. Thanks!


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