Standard chickens and now got some bantams-do I need to change my coop


9 Years
Apr 12, 2010
NW Missouri
I have 13 LF Hens with roost 4 - 5 feet off the ground. 2x4's with the flat side to roost. My nest boxes (6) are 1 feet off the ground 3 stacked on top of 3.
This weeks I got 3 Polish and 4 little Bantams (3 Cochins and 1 Mille Fleur). Do I need to give them some lower roosting space or build a ladder up to the roost. I have no idea, do they even roost with the big girls? I also have 15 Standard Chickens coming next Thursday :) 10 of them are straight run so I won't have 15 hens in the end.
So what do I have to do to make the little Bantams happy between all those big girls ?????

Here are pictures of my coop (last year, all clean before the girls moved in)



Since I will have more chickens I will sacrifice some storage space and just extend the one roost in the last picture all along to wall and build a new separating wall (mesh) by the door.
Mille Fleur is a color, not a breed. Do you mean you have a Belgian d'Uccle? Ours are somewhat clumsy fliers compared to our other bantams, but they easily manage to roost at 4 feet high. I have no idea of the flying ability of Cochins, sorry.
My cochin banties make it up to the roosts with no problem and the lowest one is 34" from the floor. I did put a ladder in for the little girls and sometimes they use it and sometimes they just fly up.

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