Standard Cochin Jumps in My Lap!


May 3, 2019
Franklin, TN
I'm so excited I have to share with other hen lovers. We just got six 7 week old hens on Sunday. Our first ever hens. I've been spending a lot of time with them, talking to them, watching them and just checking on them throughout the day since we brought them home. They aren't going in their coop on their own yet so I went out tonight to put them to bed. I went a few minutes early so I could watch them before I put them in their house. I sat down on their homemade porch, a 2x4 slid between two cylinder blocks, lol. Anyway, as soon as I sat down, the standard cochin came over to me and started stretching her neck looking up at me. She jumped in my lap and sat there for 5 minutes having her feathers petted and sweet talked. She jumped down, jumped back up and got on my shoulders and I was able to put her down, tap on the ladder to the coop and have her walk in there by herself. Oh my gosh it was so sweet and so exciting! I had to share with somebody that loves hens too.


May 24, 2018
That's awesome! I have a silver laced English Orpington named Guin who is really tame like that, she LOVES getting pets, and she will run over and hop into my lap the minute I sit down in the run. She's like seven weeks old and it's adorable now but it's going to be hilarious when she's like this giant feather beach ball and still trying to do it, lol.

I actually talked my girls into going into the coop on their own for the first time tonight too. :D I literally had to pantomime it out for them and tap the roof of the coop.
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