Standard Cochin Pullets & Pet Silkies!


10 Years
Jan 6, 2010
Do not click on the buy it now button, just email me if you would like something.

Heading to Lansing, MI March 8th through the UP and down, can deliver to highway exit.
Also attending the Fond DU Lac, WI swap if anything is left by than.

5 white & 1 partridge pullet, standard cochins; will be a year old in July.

Also 15 pet quality silkies of various colors from 1 week to 12 weeks old. $5 week old, $10 older.

Pictures of most of the stock are on the site, will get pics of the 8-12 wks old silkie chicks today.

****Lots of birds headed to MI next week, only a couple black standard cochins left and a handful of silkies. Pet White Silkies are sold.
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