Standard Cochins with Bantam Seramas??

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I have 2 standard buff cochins, and two bantam frizzle seramas, ( both in pairs of rooster and hen). I will seperate them into their own box at night, but during the daytime they can roam into their run. Will the cochin rooster fight with the serama rooster?
Eventually if they have access to each other they will fight with each other. How old are they now? I don't have Serama's right now but I have had them before. My little Serama roo even tried to fight with a grown Turkey that we had. I almost had a heart attack when I saw them start to fight.
I have to agree with Cindy, Serama roos seem to have a Nepolian complex, my Standard, bantam cochin roos, marans roos and leghorn roos will all share the yard and after one blow up they seem to decide who is boss and go on about the business of scratching and pecking, put one little serama roo in there and he's gotta conquer the world lol~ They (serama roos) need space and will rarely even get along with roos they are raised with.... maybe you can split your run and coop so each pair has half the space? Good luck with them and whatever you decide to do!!
The coop is actually divided into 4 sections so I could have 4 roosters. ( I only have 2 right now)But when I let them into the run, they all get together with no dividers. Maybe I could make 2 smaller seperated runs???
Do you have ladies for both the Cochin and the Serama roos? Maybe you could build a separate small pen for the Seramas. They don't take up that much room. I'm only going to keep a trio. I had them before and got rid of them, but I like them sooooo much I'm getting more. I built this for my Serama's to be (bought the building for $20 and fixed it up, it's on my BYC page)
I have a smaller coop, but I built the bigger coop so I could keep all of the chickens together and so I could have more than 1 roo. And yes both of the roos have one hen. But I guess I will just have to see what works! The coop looks very nice btw! I love it!
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Thank you. I bought it and didn't know what I was going to do with it. I had it over a year and then finally decided. Here's a thought....if you kept your Serama's separate from the others then you can have eggs to swap later.
Maybe we can even swap.

Oh, I also forgot to say...........

If they stay together chances are you will have mixes. I have a main coop too but like I mentioned I made this just for my future Seramas. (The original building is on my BYC page)
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