Standard Eggs to ship tomorrow ~ Michigan

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    Will ship out 1 dozen eggs for $18.00 and that includes shipping.

    Paypal preferred, no e-checks . Paypal id :: [email protected]

    I have the following in my adult flock.
    **Standard Hens~ Buff Orps, Australorps, Chanteclers, Blue & Black Cochins, BLRWyandottes, GLWyandotte, Lt Brahma, EE's
    **St Roo's~ Black Cochin, Blue Lace Red Wyandotte, Blue Orpington

    ** Banty Roo's ~ Silkies, Birchen Cochin, Salmon Faverolle, self blue D'Uccle
    **Banty Hens~ Silkies, Salmon Faverolle, Black and Blue Cochin, Silver Laced Cochin, Partridge Cochin , Millie Game hen, buff game hen & self blue D'Uccles

    You could get pure or mixed as the flock is running together at this time.

    I have NO banty eggs for sale at this time... all are sold for Monday or Tuesday shipping

    One of my babies I hatched in January :::


    Julie [​IMG]

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