Standard polish breeders, you've gotta be out there?PLS RESPOND!

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    Ok, I need to get in touch with someone who breeds polish. I am looking for standards, and have just about given up. I do not want hatchery birds, or else this would have been over and done with a while ago. I don't mind paying for shipping, I just want to find a good breeder with the colors I need. I'm desperate!!! I've tried posting wanted ads to no avail, so figured I'd ask for breeders names/contact info. I'm specifically looking for gold laced (hens and a roo), wcblue girls, and red crested red girls. Even if you're not a breeder, but you have what I'm looking for, let me know [​IMG]. Any help would be appreciated!! (hope it's ok that I posted this here [​IMG])
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    Look at the breeder's list. There are several listings there.
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    I bought polish and cochins from a man in southern nj. He has all colors of large cochins and polish and some other breeds.If you go there you can see the breeding pens to see the adults. The chicks were not sexed but they where remarkably better than the ones we got from the hatchery.
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    19hhbelgian Pigs DO Fly!!

    Apr 9, 2009
    New Tripoli PA
    Quote:Thank you for the link... Just emailed them!

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