Standard rooster breeding with smaller breeds

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    I have 6 O.E. bantam / b. brahma cross hens with a flock of standard hens and a standard roo. They are not full size but they are definitely not bantam either. Just mid size hens. I got them in hopes of them being claimed by my bantam Amer. roo, which did happen and I was totally happy that things went as I wanted them to.
    Anyway my question is just a question. What would happen if you tried to hatch eggs that were fertilized by a standard roo and a half bantam hen? Would the chicks get too big for the egg shell size or could they hatch?
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    They will probably hatch. I have hatched all sorts of mutts, cochins x large fowl, stuff like that.
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    Oh, I forgot one of the hens is a Silky / B. Brahma cross, not O.E. cross. She is more standard size and sitting on 13 eggs right now (surprise! I found under a hen house). I'm almost positive it was my bantam roo who fertilized the crosses, but I can't be totally sure that the other standard roo isn't jumping on one when I'm not around. The standard roo has a ton of his own hens who he services daily.

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    you will never be sure 'who dun it' unless you separate(fence) your roos with their own flock

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