Standard size EE roo in NE PA - WILL SHIP! PICS

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    Apr 9, 2009
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    Here is my EE roo that is looking for a great new home. This boy is just too much for my bantam girls, so I need to re-home him [​IMG] I hatched this boy out in June, and he has always been super healthy. He is used to free ranging during the day, and then going in the coop at night. Right now he is in with all of my birds, from Seramas to Black Australorps. He is perfectly fine with my other roosters, and is good with the bigger girls, but is too big for my bantam cochin girls that he has taken a liking to [​IMG] I can pick him up and carry him around - he has NEVER been aggressive in any way towards me or any body else that has been here. He is a gorgeous boy, and I would love to keep him, but I have finally made up my mind to find him a new home. He does have a rose comb, and I would call his color black breasted red with "highlights" of blue, green, & purple when he's in the sun. Pictures do not do this boy any justice what so ever!! Feel free to ask any questions [​IMG] Shipping DOES include the box. If he does need to be shipped, and the fees wind up being under what I have quoted, I will refund that amount.


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