Standard Turkey poults or hatching eggs wanted.


11 Years
Oct 5, 2008
Pekin Indiana
I know it's late in the season, but needing to replace some predator losses in the flock if at all possible.

Color doesn't matter, just needs to be a standard breed. Any help appreciated.
Hello , i have barred rocks, my hatch rate over the summer was 90%. I could sell you as many as you want. I have my roosters and hens seperated right now but i can put them back together and have fertile eggs in a few days. I live in Carthage IN, 46115 so at least we are in the same state. Let me know. Also i will have bourban red turkeys in the spring both eggs and pullets. also i have golden seabrights ready right now i have some in my incbator and the hen is still laying an egg everyother day. thanks clint
I have standard bronze turkeys. My hens haven't stopped completely laying yet. I may have some eggs later in the week. You would just have to pay the shipping costs.
Hi Miss Prissy, if the other one doesn't take those turkey eggs i would definitely be interested! Please PM me if they don't!
I don't know where you are located, but I have Turkey Poults that Im selling. 1 is about 10 weeks old, and pretty sure it is a hen, and we have 2 babys that were just hatched last week. They are standard bronze. PM if you are interested.

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