standards banties


11 Years
Mar 18, 2008
st.john's mi
I have 6 bigger eggs and 6 smaller ones in my bator don't know what they but assume banties and standards can they be in the same brooder and coop together? Or will the bigger ones hurt the smaller ones? Thsnks
I raised a few standards with mostly bantams, and they were never seen to hurt the little ones, but they may be top chickens in the flock, now that they are grown.

I don't like to see adult standard roos with banty hens, though!
This is the first year I have raised the two together. I have had Welsummer and Silkie Chickt together and some Red Star and Sizzles. They have been fine in the same brooder and I have allowed them in the same grow out pen with no problems. Just keep an eye on them. Some roosters mature very early and they may be a bit overwhelming for any banty in the group.

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