staple size to keep out beasts?

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    Jun 10, 2008
    My DH is building a coop for the girls. It's essentially a 7x7x7 foot cube with the henhouse inside, will have a tinted corregated roof for Seattle rain. The backside is against the house, right side against a big'ol shed except for the door, left and front side against a 6 foot fence except for the door leading into their 18x6 foot run, which is only bordered by house and fence and soon to be put up hawk wires due to a recent scare. They'll only be out there in the daytime when we're outside. Wood frame, standard chicken wire. I plan to reinforce the areas not against structures or fence with hardware cloth to keep out coon paws. Problem is, a neighbor says that since DH used 5/16 inch staples instead of 3/4 inch, bands of maurauding creatures will tear the coop apart and eat my babies. We live in the middle of the city, and while we do have predators, the coop seems pretty darn beefy to me. Do we really have to add the giant staples? Seems a bit much to me since the majority of coop wall area is against big things like a house...
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    You can get a box of 1/2 inch galvanized poultry staples at a major home center in the nails aisle for a couple dollars. You nail them in instead of using a staple gun.

    No need to take out the staples you already have. Just add a few of these heavy duty nail like poultry staples for added security.

    Better safe than sorry. What's a couple dollars and a few extra minutes to protect your investment?
  3. Aftyer using the poultry staples, you can also add batten boards over the seams and secure them with screws. Makes the stuff very strong.

    Shown in my hp below.[​IMG]

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