STAR WARS The Galactic Revolutionary War. (RPG) Please join, more characters=more fun!

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  1. First off, this is a role play game based on a 2nd dimension of STAR WARS. In the normal Star Wars dimension, the Old Republic becomes the Galactic Empire and wipes out the CIS in 19 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin), then 2 decades later, the Rebel Alliance deals a crippling blow to the Empire and creates the New Republic to rule in its place while the Empire slinks back into the shadows and tries to figure out what to do next. Well here, it's a completely different story...
    In this dimension, most of that still happens, but history is changed in a very important way. Three of the CIS leaders were not on Mustafar when the Dark Anakin Skywalker came and slaughtered the Separatist leadership. The three that escaped this nasty end and subsequently went into hiding were: Nute Gunray, Poggle the Lesser, and Sith apprentice Asajj Ventress. They knew that, eventually, the Empire would be a shadow of its former self and they would rise back to power; they placed themselves into cryostasis, with the intention that they would be re-animated during that time period. In 32 ABY, a meteorite crashed to the surface of the moon they hid themselves on and the shock wave caused a malfunction in the cryostasis control systems and they were re-animated shortly afterwords. Now they have assumed control of both the remains of the Galactic Empire as well as the ever-growing CIS thanks to the discovery of a hidden droid factory on Mustafar.
    The New Republic and the Rebellion, together forming the New Alliance of Free Planets, are currently at a virtual stale-mate with the CIS and Empire, both sides winning a few minor battles here and there but neither one gaining a significant advantage. But in the shadows, the CIS has been building a new super weapon. Using a set of plans found on an encrypted holodisc in an old debris field in the Hoth system, The Dark Saber 2 is being build in a far outer rim territory. Can the N.A.F.P. find a way to gain a foothold before the Dark Saber 2 is completed and find a way to destroy it, or will the CIS finish their new doomsday weapon and take over the galaxy? One question remains... who's side are you on?

    Current available locations and races: anything you can find on Wookiepedia that is within the Star Wars galaxy that still exists in 35 ABY (this is when this game takes place)

    Current sides:
    N.A.F.P. (Rebellion/New Republic)
    New Jedi Order (within New Republic)
    New Confederacy (CIS/Empire)
    Sith (within CIS)
    Independent (may be fighting the war or not)
    Rouge (fighting for themselves)
    Wee-quay Pirates
    Civilian (not actively fighting the war but may be helping whatever side their planet belongs to)
    Neutral (not fighting the war...yet)
    (you may request to make a new affliction by PMing me)

    Available technology:
    Rebellion: anything found on Wookiepedia that is listed as Rebel Alliance tech.
    New Republic: anything found on Wookiepedia that is listed as Republic tech (this includes things that appear in the Star Wars the clone wars TV series).
    CIS: anything found on Wookiepedia that is listed as Separatist tech (this includes things that appear in the Star Wars the clone wars TV series).
    Empire: anything found on Wookiepedia that is listed as Imperial tech.

    To join this RP, please fill out the following form and PM it to me. I will inform you of anything that needs revising or redoing. (by 'skill', I mean one thing or one area that this character is really good at)

    Character name:
    Home planet:
    Picture. (optional)


    *Regular BYC rules apply.
    *Be realistic relative to other Star Wars stuff.
    *You must allow people to have some luck even if up against fairly intimidating odds. (but you don't really need to go as far as like battle of Yavin luck unless you feel like it)
    *If people want to stay out of the war, then you should let them do so.
    *I am the 'Galactic Emperor' (if you will) of this thread; if I say something goes, it goes. I am also the top command figures of each of the main parties, but this doesn't mean that your opinion won't be given thought.
    *If you have any questions or concerns, PM me.
    *Any personal differences must be discussed through PMs not on the thread.
    *If you've been gone for awhile PM me and I will catch you up on what has happened.

    *One blow per post per character.
    *You must allow the other person time to react.
    *You can't kill someone else's character without their permission.
    *Be realistic. i.e. no saying that 'suddenly, a huge fleet of ships exited hyperspace and completely wiped out _______'s entire (race, fleet, planet, etc.)' or 'just then, a giant ship came out of nowhere and completely destroyed __________' or stuff like that, etc.

    *HAVE FUN!
    *Don't be unfair.
    *If you are building up an Empire of your own or building something like a super weapon or ship, it takes time. Also, interruptions or attacks on the supply lines and/or attacks on the facilities will delay completion.
    *Remember, the force will be with you...always.

    Available high positions:
    1 Sith apprentice to Ventress.
    up to 3 CIS leaders
    up to 3 Impirial leaders
    up to 3 Rebel leaders
    up to 3 New Republic leaders
    up to 4 Jedi Masters/Council members

    Default characters:

    New Confederacy:
    Asajj Ventress
    Nute Gunray
    Poggle the Lesser
    Grand Moff Icera (I-SER-a)
    Admiral Makari (ma-KA-ree)
    General Veers

    Admiral Ackbar
    Mon Calamari
    General Lando Calrisian
    Captain Han Solo
    Captain Chewbaca
    Air-force Commander Wedge Antillies
    Jedi High Master Luke Skywalker
    Princess Leia Organa Solo

    Current User-controlled Characters:

    Username: trainfullachickens14
    Character name: Victor Warlet
    Species: human
    Home planet: Christophsis
    Affliction: N.A.F.P.
    Occupation: Aran's co-pilot and main gunner.
    Skill: Inventing and design. (helped design the Rebel E-wing and modified the Gold leader Y-wing extensively)
    Picture. (optional)

    Username: trainfullachickens14
    Character name: Aran Gunnar
    Species: human
    Home planet: Coruscant
    Affliction: N.A.F.P.
    Occupation: Fighter Pilot, Gold Leader, Y-wing-2 Fighter-bomber.
    Skill: Is one of the best pilots the N.A.F.P. has ever seen. (racked up more than 60 air-to-air kills and more than 150 confirmed ground kills in his first 9 months of service)
    Picture. (optional)

    Username: trainfullachickens14
    Character name: Haran Antoni
    Species: Twi-lek
    Home planet: Ryloth
    Affliction: N.A.F.P.
    Occupation: Merchant
    Skill: Outstanding Technician
    Picture. (optional)
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    :woot I'll join when I can!
  3. COOL!!! [​IMG] Anyone else out there who wants to join?
  4. "Sir! We've picked up a number of ships coming out of hyperspace in sector 7!"
    "Who are they with?" said General Calrisian to the lieutenant that had just come running up to him on the bridge of the Panaka.
    "The first appears to be a GS-100 salvage ship with CIS markings, and the other 3 look like Banking Clan Frigates!"
    "Send out the fighters and tell the gunners to open fire, but I want that merchant ship brought along side this Cruiser intact. I want to send boarding parties on board her to see what she's got inside her."
    "Aye Sir!"

    "This is Gold leader;" said Pilot Aran Gunnar through the radio of his Y-Wing-2 Fighter-Bomber, "all wings check in."
    "Gold 2 on stand-by."
    "Gold 3 through 15 on stand-by."
    "Gold 16 on stand-by."
    "Gold leader, this is Red leader..."
    "Yeah Martin?"
    "Tell everyone that when we get back, drinks are on me."
    "I can already taste it!"
    "Cut the chatter boys and look alive, we got fighters coming in!" yelled Red leader's wing man.
    "This is where the fun begins!" Aran's gunner Victor Warlet said.
    As both groups went into the merge, the whole sector quickly became a huge dogfight the likes of which have been met or exceeded very few times before or since. The N.A.F.P. air strength in this battle was as follows: 1 Mon Calamari Heavy Cruiser, 3 Kumwalt-Class Escort destroyers, 16 Y-wing-2's, 24 X-wings, 16 ARC-170's, 16 V-wings, 12 A-wings, 12 E-wings, and 6 B-wings. But the CIS forces were just as plentiful if not more so, they had: 3 Banking Clan Heavy Destroyers, no less than 250 Vulture droid fighters, and at least 100 Hyena Bombers. From the time the two fighter groups merged to the time the fighters on the victor's side were called back and they declared victory was no less than 4 hours! Few air battles have ever lasted so long, and more awards were given after this battle relative to the number of recipients then any other air battle in the previous wars.
    "Keep those fighters off of us Victor!" Aran said as he began a bombing run on one of the main engines of the salvage ship; he was aiming to cripple the ship so it couldn't escape.
    "Well your fancy flying is making it difficult!"
    "Just keep shooting!"
    "Okay, okay; no need to get irritated."
    Two proton torpedoes launched from internal racks in the Y-wing's nose and streaked towards the center-bottom engine of the GS-100 and hit dead center. The engine flickered off and on a few times then cut off completely. The whole salvage ship shuddered from the explosion and slowed significantly.

    On the bridge of the Deep Endeavor, the GS-100 salvage ship, Lieutenant Haran Antoni stumbled as the ship shook under his feet. "What was that?!?" he demanded.
    "It was one of the N.A.F.P. Fighters Sir; they've hit engine number 4 and it just cut out."
    "I want those communications systems back up and running and I want it done NOW! Have someone program the auto-guns to keep shooting at the CIS fighters but not at the N.A.F.P. ships, we need to provoke them as little as possible."
    "Yes Sir!" the Sergent said before running through the door at the back of the bridge and heading back aft. Antoni hoped that they could survive long enough to get the comm. system back up so they could tell the N.A.F.P. ships who they really were...
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