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    Jan 18, 2008
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    I am offering a trio of bantam chocolate orpington chicks. These are pure english birds from the Rob Boyd lines, not crossed with any american birds.

    These chicks have been vaccinated for mareks. Shipping is a flat $75.00 for box and express mail service. They are around 6-8 weeks of age now. If your State requires additional testing to legally ship the bird, you will be responsible for those charges also. I cannot ship to Virginia. Of course I am NPIP certified and AI clean.

    Payment with postal money order or cashier's check please immediately following auction please. Local pickup is also available.

    The cockerel is 3 lb 12oz and the pullet is 2 lb 10 oz that I am breeding with.

    This trio will not ship until after the first of the year due to Christmas influx of mail. I don't want them to get bumped also due to more dry ice being shipped than normal.

    The pictures below are of some of the chicks I have hatched.

    FYI, the pullet is laying again and I have more fertile eggs in the incubator. [​IMG] [​IMG]


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