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    Okay, 7 months pregnant and in over my head! heh I knew it was going to happen, but was hoping not!

    ANYWAY, all the vital details ~ started chicks for sale, located zip code 28752 (Marion). Sick of holding them and then chasing people around on craigslist to get a response.

    These were hatched mid February. Brooded indoors, mostly feathered out. They spent last night (in my basement, not heated) just fine without a light. The hard part is done! hehe

    All standards, I want to sell TOGETHER to make it easier on myself. As you may know with Ideal, they may or may not look like what they're supposed to. That's one of the other reasons I want to sell them together. I can't tell most of them apart. :)

    This is what I ordered
    blue hamburg male and 3 pullets, 4 silver laced wyandotte pullets, 3 easter egger pullets and 3 california white pullets.

    I do not see sure signs one way or another on gender. I can tell the EE's apart and some of the SLW. The hamburgs I cannot tell. I only have one in there that appears blue so whether they sent me the wrong ones or they're going to grow in their color or be splash (if that's even possible, though I will say one appears to be growing in some splash blue coloring), I do not know.

    All are growing well, healthy, loud and rambunctious. Have NOT been handled other than to put them back in the kiddie pool that they're being brooded in. Which also means, yes, they ARE flying up and out.

    Asking $45 FIRM for the bunch of 14 birds which is less than I paid for them as day olds. So you'll get them cheaper than I did, but already fed and feathered out to 3 weeks and no longer needing a light! (As long as you keep them inside.) Please contact me if interested. These will be listed elsewhere as well, I need to find a home for them promptly. The person that can pick them up the soonest will get priority as I have run out of room (and a wee bit of patience, too many peepers, not enough brooders or energy! heh).

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