Started my coop today!


12 Years
Jan 26, 2010
Oakdale, MN/Somerset, WI
I actually, started it yesterday, but only got 2 screws halfway in. since my drill is NOT made for... anything

Today, I went out and bought a new drill, and got a little more done.. only to find out it's HARD to drill sideways!!! (Well, for me, anyway) So, I am sticking to nails

I have the floor and the front wall framed
Tomorrow I plan on working on it some more!

It is going to be 4x4 with 2 levels. I didn't take any pics yesterday, but I will try to remember tomorrow
I'm excited to build!!!

ETA: 3/12

I only took 3 pics, but it's better than nothing!

My sister helping

My son helping

The floor and 2 of the walls

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So happy for you! It is so exciting, I could barely contain myself when we were building! (What a great reason to buy more tools) Hope to see pics soon.
Good luck! I'm going to be starting my coop soon too, it will also be 4'x4'... can't wait to see pics of yours!
Thanks guys! dogfish- I should have thought of that! I bought a dewalt drill though!
I need new drill bits, too.. I broke one of those, so I started using another one.. which was great for the first 6 or 7 holes, then started smoking.
I haven't started working on it yet today, but I will! And I will take some pics

wannabchick Those are the drill bits, dewalt is the brand name...
here is the drill (well, one of them)
The Dewalt "bit holder" chucks into a drill just like a drill bit does. It allows for quick change out of screwdriver bits that are held in place magnetically. Don't buy just one bit. Buy 10. They are meant to be expendable. Depending on your project, you might go through two or three in a day. Sometimes one will last for a long time. Keeping the drill in line with the screw prolongs the life of your bit. Attacking from an angle reduces the life of the bit. Bits are cheap.

See the bits in the middle row, those are called square drive bits. Buy screws that fit those bits, just ask for square drive screws. Some screws allow you to use both phillips and square drive bits. You will experience way fewer stripped screw heads using square drive screws. Out of a 5lb box I might have 1 or two screw failures. With phillips bits, maybe 10 or 20, depending on materials. Failures happen at the worst time and place.

You shouldn't need to pre-drill your holes if you are using screws, unless you are using 1x2 or 2x2 (near the ends) for your frame. If you are using plywood and 2x4 materials, just postion the screw, insert bit, apply some pressure, and then let the screw and drill do their thing.

If you need to predrill holes, use this type of bit.

A drill bit is the wrong tool. These bits are specifically designed to start pilot holes for screws and will far outlast any drill bit, which have different uses.

Use the right tool. Have fun, be safe.
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