Started zipping over 3hrs ago and one with liquid at pip???

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    This is my 3rd hatch and my first time hatching full sized chickens. I have 4 black australorp and 8 lavendar orphs. One of the BO's was zipped 1/2 way around 2am when I checked b/c I heard tons of peeping. It's now 6:20 and it has made no progress. Is this ok? I've never had one take this long once zipping started. It's still peeping and breathing just fine and the peeps are still loud and clear but it doesn't seem to be working it's way out anymore. I also had one LO pip around 2am this morning and there is a small amount of yellow liquid coming from the pip. What is that? I don't hear any peeping from that egg and haven't seen any progress or movement. Thanks!!

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    Is your humidity high enough? That first one especially sounds like it may be stuck because of shrink-wrapping. That can be caused by low humidity in the incubator. They can be notoriously slow to finish hatching, but once they start to zip, mine usually finish before that. That does not sound right.

    With the one with the yellow liquid, it sounds like it may be an issue with the yolk not being fully absorbed. It should not leak like that though. I'd be concerned with that one. I have not seen that. Hopefully someone with direct experience can comment on that.

    If you open the incubator to add water to increase the humidity, you take the risk of letting even more humidity out. I made a thing with some straws with that accordian joint so I could add water to the reservoirs through the vents. I got a big syringe from Tractor Supply to put the water in the straw. If you decide to open it, I suggest you use pretty warm water so it will evaporate faster and get the humidity back up quicker. Some people mist the incubator when they open it.

    I shring wrapped a chick once when I opened the incubator after it pipped. It had its beak out where it could breathe but was glued to the membrane and could not move. It was still alive when the rest of the hatch was over and I took the other chicks out. I carefully peeled the hard shell off, leaving the membrane behind. Then I soaked the chick in a cup of warm water to soften the membrane and gently got most of the membrane off. Then I put it back in the incubator to dry off. The down was glued down and looked awful, but I put that chick with the others with a broody hen. She accepted it and raised it. The down looked funky for 4 to 5 days, but it cleared itself up. That chick did great.

    I do not advocate opening the incubator during hatch any more than you absolutely have to, but sometimes you need to do what you need to do.

    Deciding when to intervene is real hard. Between internal pip and actually hatching, a lot of things go on inside that egg shell. The yolk needs to be absorbed, blood vessels inside the shell but external tot he chick need to dry up. There are other things going on. Some chicks do a lot of that between internal pip and external pip. These usually zip pretty soon after external pip. Some wait until external pip to do this. These are the ones that worry us because they take so long to zip. A few even zip before they are totally ready. If we intervene too early, we are likely to kill the chick.

    This might not be a humidity issue. I really don't know. You are on the spot and have to make the decisions. When something is going on with the hatch, that can be difficult. I tend to not intervene unless the need is obvious and desperate. Good luck!
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    Thank you so much for you're helpful advice and experiences!! I did the same thing with the straws trying to avoid opening the bator at all costs. I have a lg still air, so after reading you're response I decided to open one of the windows and mist all the eggs fast. I used really warm water and did it as quickly as possible and it seems to have liven up my zipper. He's now moving around a little more it seems so I'm really hoping he's gonna make it. As far as the yellow pip I don't think that one made it. I'm not seeing anything or hearing anything else from that egg. This is only my 3rd hatch but I don't plan to intervene at all, as far as helping them hatch. I just figure that mother nature knows best and if it can't get out on it's own then it probably wouldn't make it long anyways. That's easier said than done though. [​IMG]

    My first hatch only 1 out of 5 hatched and my second hatch only 2 out of 12 hatched. I did my first hatch according to the directions with the lg and the second hatch I did the dry incubation until lock down and then put paper towels in the resavoirs and filled them with water. I think my problem is definately a humidity prpblem but I'm not sure why. I candled right before putting into lock down and saw movement and good development in all the eggs, but once I get them to lock down something happens. I did do my first broody hatch and she hatched out all but one so I'm thinking I'm gonna start going that route from now on. So much easier and more successful!!

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    with our LG, I taped the sides shut during lockdown, seemed to help with humidity. just me. best of luck to you.

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