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    Feb 8, 2012
    Hello there chicken lover's.

    I have been doing research about a good starter poultry recipe for broilers.
    Now I have researched on a number of sites that have a few recipes.

    Where I live (Kenya) we have the poorest feed quality at extreme prices, but this poor feed quality we still manage to turnaround 1.2kg broilers in 4-5 weeks.
    Here a bag of food (70KG) is around 4,000 kenyan shillings ($40).
    I believe I have a good recipe but does anyone have another recipe or something to add?

    Ingredients Weight
    Shelled Corn
    30 KG​
    Roasted Soybeans
    20 KG​
    5 KG​
    Fish Meal
    5 KG​
    1 KG​
    Multi vitamens
    1 KG​
    5 KG​
    3 KG​

    70 KG​

    The total protein content is roughly %24, the other feeds here for sale are %19 max.

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