starter feed for baby quail

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    Oct 1, 2012
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm sure this question has been asked and answered before, but I can't get/find the exact answer I need ( if there is one)

    I should have chicks in a few days. I went to the only feed store in town and told them what I was doing and what I needed. They sold me a bag of Purina Golden line poultry feed ( 6051), this all they have and said it would be OK. (

    I checked the protein when I got home and it is only 18%. I called back today to make sure that we had misunderstood each other and to find out if they had " chick" starter feed... and he said, nope, we don't have anything else.. this is it. They don't have starter or chick feed at all and they certainly don't have "game" feed.

    Should I use try to find something different? I read that I can mix ground kitten food to raise the protein as well??

    as always, your info is truly appreciated.

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    Im not too sure if chicken feed is good for quail....Im sure that you can order a small bag of gamebird starter feed online.
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    Quail chicks need between 26% and 30% protein for good health. They need far more protein that chicken chicks and low protein can cause the babies to be malnourished and develop neurological issues.

    How many chicks are you expecting? If you are only hatching a handful of them, you could order some feed on line until you can find a good source of gamebird food. You can also raise them on Turkey feed. Just make sure that any feed you offer does not have too much calcium.

    If you are unable to find any suitable feed, you could always add some soybean meal to the feed. Even some "Ultra Kibble for chicks" added to the feed will up the protein. You can find this on line. I do not recommend cat food for quail.

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