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    I just got word that I'm moving out of state, and so all my chickens are up for sale. I'd like to sell them all together with all their supplies as a starter flock... though I'll split them up if needed.

    Local pick-up only, no shipping. Unless you live where I'm going, then I'll bring them to you! (Fort Campbell, KY, Clarksville, TN, Nashville, TN, Hopkinsville, KY... or on the way? Louisville, KY ect)

    I'll be moving to military housing, so there won't be any chickens in my life for awhile. Such a loss!

    All these birds are pets, though Chipmunk is a hateful little thing that doesn't care about being held. She's a great mother though, and keeps order in the flock without being too mean, so I kept her around. Everyone in this flock gets along if you're looking for a starter flock.

    Birds Available..

    Jibbers and Prissy, "Quail" colored Olde English Game bantams, 9 months old (Prissy lays)



    Chipmunk (front) and Lil'Bit (blonde in back) Quail Belgian D'Anver, and her daughter, who is half OE Game (but not by my rooster) 2 years old and 6 months old (both lay)


    Thing 1 and Thing 2, Standard sized BB Red Game hens. Unrelated, 9 months old, sometimes I get a double yolk egg from the larger of the two. One is 3 pounds, the other is 2 3/4 pounds. Pea combs, cream legs.


    Various rooster chicks, 1 month to 2 months old, OExD'Anver cross. 4 total.


    There's 2 package deals I can do for everything:

    All fowl + approx 20 pounds of feed, plastic feed storage bin (big plastic garbage can), PVC feeder that holds 10 pounds, 3 gallon waterer, stainless steel bowl for "inside" water, ceramic "inside" feed bowl, 5 pounds of oyster shell, approx. 2 pounds of grit, 5 pounds of shelled sunflower seeds, and other odds and ends for $100

    All Fowl + All listed above + Hovabator incubator, brooder box, chick waterer, remaining chick starter (mannapro showbird feed, good stuff!) + wire transport cage. Basically everything I have for chickens. $150 (you'll only need to add a heat lamp, mine is borrowed)

    Fowl only pricing:

    Jibbers and Prissy as a pair $20
    Chipmunk and Lil'Bit $10 for both
    Two Standard game hens $40 for both or $30 each
    4 Rooster chicks FREE

    All fowl only: $60 (must take the 4 chicks too)

    Jibbers is a sweetheart. Jumps into my lap to be held, very sweet to his girls, cute little crow that isn't too loud. They stay inside the yard, never had an issue with them leaving the fence. Good foragers, always on hawk alert. Dog stupid though, they're bait for sure so don't expect them to run from dogs. Easy to clip their wings since they're tame. Healthy, have been on a spoiled pet chicken diet of high quality layer pellets, high protein treats, fresh fruits and veggies, ect. If you currently have a rooster, Jibbers is a sissy and will most likely get beat up, so bear that in mind. He hid in the hen house when the neighbor rooster came to visit.

    The game hens aren't mean! They'll chase squirrels and look for trouble, but they live peaceably with the Bantams and one of them will let me pet her and pick her up without a fuss. Lil'Bit and Chipmunk are currently broody, Prissy is on winter laying hiatus, and the two games are laying large sized eggs every other day. All lay a white egg.

    No online payments please, would like to swap birds/supplies in person. Located 2 miles from exit 10 off interstate 75 in Ohio. Mapquest zip 45216.

    Please PM for any questions!
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