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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by vegetablegarden, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. vegetablegarden

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    Jan 18, 2016
    Hi all. New chick mama here. I just picked up my chicks from the feed mill, and the guy who sold them to me also sold me a bag of what he labeled as "starter grower" and indicated that's what I should use to feed them from the beginning. I'm confused. I thought it was "starter" first then "grower" later. What am I missing?? TIA!
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  2. chicklover 1998

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    Sep 30, 2015
    Depending on the brand some just make it so they can be used until lay, other brands make starter- up to 8 weeks and then grower- up until lay, it just depends upon the brand.
  3. Rookiechookie

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    Feb 25, 2016
    It depends on the brand if you want you can buy the starter grower (i have never seen it but i suppose it exists). Or you can buy the starter for 0-8 weeks and the grower for 8-18 weeks by the time they are this old they will just eat what all your other hens eat wheat
  4. Jensownzoo

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    Feb 7, 2016
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    I used a medicated starter for the first week or so (just to get them over shipping stress), but what I'm feeding now is a starter/grower and I'll be feeding it until one of them gives me an egg.

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