Starting a Farm -- Looking for Good Wisdom! Please?!?

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    Jan 26, 2012
    I've gotten LOADS of good advice from all you BYC addicts, so I'm hoping you can give me some more, please... This time, it's not related specifically to chickens, although they can certainly come into play...

    Nate and I have gotten through our first year of produce/egg sales, and we're determined to make our living this way (thru farmers markets, specialty products, CSA/Farm Shares, etc.). Our farm is called Blue Muse Farm ( -- check us out (and like us on Facebook if you want to keep in touch, please!)

    Have any of you started a farm/garden venture that was profitable and sustainable? Do you believe that our plans (as shown on our website) are reasonable and realistic? What advice would you give a farmer starting out (besides "keep your day job" -- I WILL!) [​IMG] How can I reach the most customers, and ensure they're happy-happy-happy with our farm?

    Any advice is much-much appreciated. THANK YOU!
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    This more comes from the administrative side. Learn some accounting. Its great to hire professionals but its also expensive. Sometimes your professional is not the greatest either. Its really just better to know as much as you can. Take a class so you know your tax obligations, what all you must file, ect. The few I know who started a business and then failed usually messed up in this area. I am looking into starting a business myself and this is also the one area where the information provided is a bit confusing and I do business taxes and went to school for accounting. I still can't make sense of some of it. So that's my best advice.
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    Went to college for accounting. Definitely learn some and keep receipts and paperwork organized. Do as much of your own books as you can. Will save big $$s. Still may need professional for tax stuff since that constantly changes, Just make sure whoever you use is familiar with farm books/taxes. It does make a difference. A friend who does farm and was a classmate of mine told me this last one.
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    Jul 12, 2012
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    Make sure you get it in writing or at least backed-up with e-mails. It makes for good relations with family and friends.
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    I would love to start a farm, it will be soo rewarding, however alot of hardwork (in my opinion worth it)
    In England we have this Womens institute, (mostly older ladies) and myself, and we all chip in, some make jam and sell it, i sell eggs, and knitted clothes, and veggies and things, at first its really hard, my advice to you, is if you make something, make really bright and attractive lablels and make jams/lemon curd etc.. in bulk, they keep really well.
    Ooh also if you go and sell at markets make like a board or something on with pictures of your animals and veggie garden, it draws people and they like to know that the animals are all really well-kept.
    Good luck, i hope everything turns out well.
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