Starting a pedigree hatchery


Jun 12, 2018
I have come from breeding pedigree rats and accidentally fell into Indian runner ducks (and in love).

The same reason that I started with pedigree rats where the focus was on health and character is the same reason that I want to start it with ducks.
Rats are so loosely bred that they in a few years went from 8 years old to 3 years being unique and 99 procent died of severe forms of cancer.
I see that happening here now with indian runner ducks. Noone keeps track of anything.

I want to start keeping track. Colour is not important; I want to make the healthiest. I want to know which bloodline to continue to prevent ducks being born with bad heritage diseases.

The question is; the ring situation over here.
People want day-old hatchlings because they will be more tame.
To ring them and keep track of them I can only sell them after 3 months.

Does anyone have a genious idea to solve this?

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