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    Dec 15, 2015
    What do y'all think would be a good price to ask for rumpless blue egg laying Araucana chicks if I were to hatch some? I am NPIP certified Clean and have three roos that I will breed to my Hens for true Araucanas and also will breed to my brown egg layers to make OE's. Also have 4 EE hens that I may breed. I am basically setting up a backyard hatchery and plan to sell locally to a couple of feed stores and to individuals by request. NPIP makes it possible to ship chicks and hatching eggs in the US if I ever decided to start doing that. I will sell the OE's to the feed stores but the Araucanas will be by request only. I dont want to make a killing I just enjoy it and would like to supplement my income as a nurse while providing quality, healthy birds and promoting the Araucauna breed.
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