Starting anew after ILT outbreak - decontamination advice

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    Hi everyone, my flock suffered 10% mortality from an ILT outbreak in March. The outbreak was reported and the farm locked down, with no new cases since. Fast forward to March, all is good, flock is producing well, even though a rooster was dispatched because he was sick recently. With spring approaching (supposedly, it's darn cold!), my thoughts are now turning to de-population (and re-population!) and I have a question, namely how best to decontaminate. A few things to keep in mind:
    1. The barn is wood, unheated, no electrics: therefore relying on temperature will not work.
    2. I am waiting on a warm day to depopulate, and then will need to wait until it's warm enough to break the bedding (sand) and carry it out - what do I do with it? Can i use it for compost outside of the chicken's reach? Carry it away as far as I can?
    3. Once I've removed the sand, what then? Our thoughts are, pressure wash, then 1% virkon solution scrubbed on with stiff brush, then pressure wash. Soak and scrub all equipment with Virkon. Thoughts?
    4. Finally, wondering whether we should vaccinate our new flocks as they will be @high [email protected] (Infectious Laryngotrachei tis Virus (ILT) Facts) should I vaccinate as suggested, or not bother?

    We'll be receiving 50 new layers, all rare breeds; we also raise about 100 meat broilers a year + turkey, which we home process.

    Thoughts and input welcome

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