Starting new coop. Gotta beat DH. Need help. Critical windows???

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    I've decided the babies need a bigger coop. I have 1 ugly coop for the big girls that DH built and a small temp for the babies. DS and I think we can do better. DH brings home pallets from work, so materials will come primarily from there. I'm shooting for a 2 story built as 2 units so we can separate them and move them if we want to. Roost and nests on top. Food and water on bottom. I've got a basic design in mind, but will be flexible to use mostly whats on hand.

    Here's my site so far. 4'x 4.5' No I haven't leveled yet, wanted to see how big I could go. Will build and move. I plan to remove a picket for an access door on back. Somewhat overgrown dog run behind. Grapevine on the left. Open yard front and right.


    The main structure will be shaped like this with a slant roof.

    I'm planning double doors on the tallest side and will have everything slope slightly that way for cleaning. I plan on the water being at one of those corners also.

    The nest boxes will be on the top story on the short side and I'm planning on the ones that extend out over the picket fence.

    I'm thinking a smaller version of this feeder.

    At first I thought to mount outside like nest boxes, but I wonder about rain seeping in where the hinges would be. Or mount inside with an access door. Anybody have any experience or thoughts on this? I don't want a lot of ruined feed or sick chickens.

    I'm at a loss on the windows. I was thinking 3 approx 12 x 12 on each of the sides. 2 lower 1 upper. 2 on each bottom front and back. 2 on front upper.

    I know for now I could go with the hardware cloth and call it good, but I want to be ready for winter. I thought about plexiglass in frames to raise and lower, but now we're talking money. At least for what I'm finding online. Any other suggestions for cheap windows? Plexiglass sources?

    DH only bought a roll of chicken wire for I think approx $40 and his coop while functional is ugly!! DS and I want to not only beat him, but get a cute coop in the process. Plus I hate having to weedeat that dog run. Figure the babies will take care of it in no time.

    Edited to add I have a basement full of lathe and 1 x 4s also.
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    I think you've got a great start! I don't know about plexiglass sources or anything, but I definately like your ideas!

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