Starting new young ducks with established year old ones?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by werewolf38, Jul 31, 2013.

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    I currently have 3 Rouen females that are just under a year old. In two days I am getting 3 more Rouens that are 6 weeks old, 2 females and a male I believe. Here the days are in the low 80's and the nights have been dipping into the 60's. They are inside their "Bunker" at night and left out in the morning.

    Should I keep them apart because of their age for a period of time? If so how long? Or should I just put them together Saturday morning and observe how they act together? The "Bunker" is 4 ft wide by 8ft long so your talking 5 1/3 square feet per duck when they are in overnight. Their yard is 50 feet by 100 feet that they range in during the day so if there is going to be an issue I would expect it to be inside overnight.

    They also have a small pool in the yard to play in though usually only ever see one at a time in there.
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    I have no idea, I have a similar dilemma and would love it if someone would post an answer! However, I would not simply put them together, my 6 month old duck still attacked my 4 month old babies after two months of seeing them through a fence.
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    Congrats on your new additions! The best way to introduce them would be through a fence for at least at least a week to get used to their new surrondings and new peeps. Then try them in the same pen but be prepared to separate at any second. A few things could happen at this point. They could all be fine with each other (but I'd watch them closely), the older ones could swarm them and start pulling their feathers (they would need to be separated again), the younger ones could attack and chase the older ones (this is what happened to me again separate), or one of either group could be a bully and start being mean to everyone else (just separate the bully). I think that's all the scenarios. Also for night time is leave them penned up until you know for certain they are getting along 100%. This gives the older ducks time to get adjusted to new comers in their sleeping quarters.
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    I'm in the same scenario right now with 3 adult females (almost 2 yrs old) and five 6 week old ducklings. I have just started to let the ducklings out in the yard with the big ducks during the day and they get separated at night. The big stinks do bully the little stinks a bit so I have two different water areas and food bowls so that they don't get bullied away from their life support.

    I hope they will get along better soon. My adult wild mallard is the biggest bully and my Golden 300 hybrid could care less as long as they aren't touching her. The Khaki campbell enjoys a good chase every now and then but doesn't nip at them. The mallard will nip.

    I raised two meat ducks about a year ago and remember they were friends with the big ducks once they were about 10 weeks. I think I butchered at 12 weeks, I can't remember now. I just remember I did it at the wrong time because new pin feathers were coming in.

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