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Hello all. Just love this forum. Gotten me through many a night of questions. Thank you.

So, now we are coming up on a year, our three girls are laying like champs - but have all the aggression of pit vipers. Okay, slightly less. But, after seeing chickens on a petting farm, I have a yearning for those sweet, pet-able chickies there. Right now, I am sneaking quick strokes while they are sleeping or otherwise occupied.

So - How do you Do It? We are ready to start afresh, will order a specific breed, modify handling, anything to get to that photo of children playing sweetly with soft fluffy hens. We want Cuddly Pets, and want to know how to do it.

We humbly thank you for any direction you may have.
Find a snuggly breed, and then snuggle them, whether they like it or not. Everyday--forced snuggles.

Everyone has their favorites, but check the breed chart on BYC, and avoid anything that says "flighty" or "agressive".
Silkies of course! Also Buff Orpingtons if you want normal chickens.
Sounds like you need some Silkies!
Start out w/chicks and start holding/handling them right away. They should be very tame by 3-4 months old. You have to handle them every day. I take mine in the house sometimes to bathe/blow dry them, take pics of them, and watch TV with them. They love to cuddle & fall asleep in my lap while watching TV.
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Well this is my advice. Certain breeds are more user friendly. I have a Rd Friz bantam from Ideal and she is nice. One things chickens don't like is sudden movement, loud noises. So I wouldn't play your heavy metal near them, just kidding.

I have a friend who has Golden comets and he says they are friendly, but i don't know whether he holds them. Picking them up and holding them and setting them down gently helps.
I have a Cuckoo Marans who is getting friendly.
They need to get to trust you. Be patient, feed them out of your hand. Quiet, gentle, calm voice. Picking them up and holding them works.
I've watched a movie w/ a woman who had a Silkie that she took into her pool with her, dried it w/ a hair dryer. Took it for car rides and had a special carrier. Check out "the history of the Chicken" from the library. Course personally I think she should have been commited.
I also do not believe Silkies are real chickens. I don't know where they came from but they are not from this planet. Don't let there small size fool you.

Chickens are not like cat's or dogs and should not be considered so. If they get sick they can drop like a rock and just that fast. Pick up a book from the library on the different breeds. Your sure to find some information on friendly chickens. Stay away from the commercial breeds or those who have been previously bred for commercial business. EX. RIR's

My picks in no particular order.

Silkies, Cochin, Buff Orps, Delaware, Golden Comet, Frizzles,
Silkies, Buff Orpingtons, and Easter Eggers

Or a buff colored Silkied Easter Egger

oh and i forgot :
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The friendliest chickens I have ever had are cochins. I heart cochins. I agree that holding them everyday is the key. I try to handle each one of my chicks at least twice a day if not more. I also think that finding a special treat that they like helps. My old chickens used to run to me everytime I came into the yard. I always had a treat for them, and they knew it. My cochin roo used to jump in my lap and eat from my hand and let me pet and snuggle him. I like to give rice, spagetti or pasta as treats. I found that they like yogurt a lot too. And making sure to always be gentle and move slowly and speak softly around them.

Good luck!
Oh I am sure everyone has their favorites! Silkies and EE's so far for me. None seem friendly/cuddly early on for sure in my experience. But give them 1/2 a chance after a few months and that all changes. But I am counting on a couple of hatches in the next few weeks to convice me otherwise.

As many have said above.... constant handling & treats are the key. Make them want to come to you rather than run away.

Good luck!

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