Starting over...


Mar 22, 2015
....hey, guys. I used to be a very active lurker :D, and then we moved. My girls were adopted by a friend, and my coop went with them. It was a completely solid and wonderful and excellent and hand-built-by-me Garden Coop, and I am so sad every time I think of the fact that it couldn't come with me.

But it is what it is. So now I get to start over.

In my current yard, the Garden coop dimensions and setup won't work, but something like the Resort Coop would. The run would actually be a design of my own, because the coop would be on a flat surface with the run sloping downhill through a grove of pine trees. Shade, bugs, etc. I won't have more than 3 chickens at a time.

HERE'S MY QUESTION: Knowing the quality and Montana winter-proof-ness of that particular pre-fab isn't enough, do you know of some blueprints or tutorials for me to build my own version? I want it elevated, to have a sloped roof, and to allow for the girls to let themselves out in the morning to a secure run. I'm handy (hey, I build the Garden Coop by myself), have the tools, and really want to get to work.

Thanks for your help on this fresh start!

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