Starting to despair our house ever selling.

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    May 11, 2009
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    We have been on the market with the worst agent ever for about 4 months. We have to finish out this contract and then its on to another agent but with everything that is going on I just don't know if it will ever sell. We have gotten 2 laughable offers by people who think we are desperate. ( 50k for 2700 sq ft home that been fully redone) and a couple lookers but nothing else. I am a bit down about it. We moved out and moved in with my parents on the farm during this whole for sale process. I would hate moving back and if utilities get as bad as our utility company is predicting I could not really afford to. Its just insane right now. Feeling a tad bit defeated. I had hoped to be planning our building by now.

    Instead I am looking at basic cabins we could build on the farm and the intricacies of rental property. I hate thinking of dealing with renters but I don't want to move back into our home. I hate living in town. Its sad. Its finally all beautiful and updated and I just can't stand the thought of living there. Not sure how I would fit all 6 of us in a small basic cabin either though. Going to look into it though. Just a bit down about the whole situation right now.
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    The right agent can do wonders. Get rid of the dud... and get someone good. You can also try selling it yourself. There are so many people that hate to deal with the agents. You will find the right buyer. Take nice pics.... post them everywhere... Craigslist... for sale by owner website. You can do it. Keep your head up. It will get better.

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    Feb 15, 2011
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    Hi there -

    Sorry about your situation. I know a lot of folks in this country are in the same boat right now.

    My husband and I own a small real estate firm in Cary, NC. I just wanted to make sure that you know that even with a contract with your listing agent you can still fire them! If you have a bad agent your house is probably not going to sell. I say don't wait around - fire your agent and switch now. The longer your house is on the market the harder it gets to sell. All of this said, that is if it truly is an issue with the agent and not just the crummy market. And make sure that you listen to the feedback. Even if you disagree with potential buyers there's a good chance others are going to feel the same way. Sometimes it is hard to hear negative feedback, but take it and be proactive in addressing it.

    Hope this helps and good luck to you!!!!!!!!!

    PS, the other response is great - but if you have a good agent THEY should be doing all of those things!!! Hang in here!
  4. Assuming it was multi-listed, your agent isn't even likely the one who will sell it. If there are 100 other agents from 12 other agencies who have access to your house's listing, then there are already many folk working on selling it, not just your original agent. This is, of course, what multi-list means and it's the way it is done these days.

    Frankly, homes sitting on the market here for a year or two is common. The Great Recession and all. Home values have sunk almost 50% off their 2007 highs. We are glutted with repo and short sale homes for give-a-way prices that almost prevent a "normal" sale, unless the price is reduced drastically. Hate to review the facts and sound gloom and doom, but just trying to state the obvious. If you really need/want to sell it, often there's no choice but to lower, lower, lower the price. It is all so very sad. Here's hoping the best for you.
  5. HeatherLynn

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    May 11, 2009
    Kentucky, Cecilia
    Once we are with a good agent then the lowering game will begin. So far i am kinda mid range with other similar houses. Ours is the only really updates one but I am not adding that into the price considerations. We did a ton of energy efficiency updates while we were considering staying there. I am just feeling a bit desperate I guess. We can afford the house payments and all. Its more desperation not to deal with it anymore. Its been a complete and utter pain in the rear dealing with this whole selling thing. Right now we are prepping to do some spring planting because the agent feels that the house is really not selling because there is no color yet in the front yard. Lots of color in march is a hard one to fill. No clue. just irritating. I checked and so far we are still only listed on 1 site, she still has the description wrong after 4 months, and the only pictures up are ones we took and delivered to her receptionist when there were still no pics of the house after 2 months.

    Right now we are doing some additional projects to the house just to increase its marketability so we will be in top shape for the next agent. We had not done as much work to the finished basement but at this point it has been fully repainted and under consideration is redoing the floors in one room since they are older. The main floor was totally redone. New countertops, tile, wood floors, paint, trim, windows and doors. Even new gutters, roof, and insulation. The feedback we have gotten so far is one person did not feel the neutral colors fit her personality and wanted to move into a house that already felt like it was hers and another does not like trees and would want all of ours down. Thats our feedback so far. They love the space, the floors, the layout, the granite, blah blah blah. However even if we were to change these things for them they have to wait for their house to sell too.

    Actually considering renting it with a clause that if they purchase in 2 years then a major chunk of the rent would go toward lowering the price of the house. So if they rented for 2 years they could knock off 24k from the price of the house which might make it easier for them to finance. I would deduct the cost of the extra insurance having a renter would cost. My husband thought that might be a good draw and get us a better quality renter. Maybe one who has a vested interest in the house.

    I am sitting here right now trying to figure out how to pay for building a tiny home out of pocket as a last resort though. I really want to stay on our farm. The farm itself will eventually be mine but the house that is on it will not. The house and an acre it sits on will be sold at some point. I would like to have a home on the farm and know that we are settled down finally. Just so frustrated.
  6. arabianequine

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    Apr 4, 2010
    Not sure who you are using but we had great luck with ReMax and Windermere.

    I would change who the property is listed with.
  7. sfw2

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    When you make the switch, get IN WRITING what the new agent's marketing plan is. And never, never, EVER sign a listing for longer than 60 days.

  8. Cindiloohoo

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    Dec 19, 2009
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    So do some marketting yourself [​IMG] List it on other sites and put pics up on CL and places to draw attention to it. Most real estate agents that are LEFT are either very good, or too dumb to do anything else. I'm suprised you got such a bad one. The market we live in calls for survival of the fittest when it comes to real estate agents. I know a few very good ones, who are doing odd jobs at the moment, because nothing is selling no matter how hard they try. I dunno...maybe just market it yourselves if you are that adamant about selling.
  9. welsummerchicks

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    Jul 26, 2010
    A smart agent makes all the difference - they can tell you exactly why the house isn't selling and research the local market.

    Sometimes you have to make changes to get it to sell, but a good agent will know. is slow - are you expecting to sell in 4 months? In this market? That's a pretty high expectation.
  10. HeatherLynn

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    May 11, 2009
    Kentucky, Cecilia
    We are in the middle of tons of people coming in because of brac. We have had some leave true, but that was months ago. Now there is a huge influx. I had hoped it would sell but did not really expect it. Being on more than one website and having the ad right and pictures up was my expectations. We are at 4 months and have not hit that expectation yet. There is my frustration. We have talked it over and are going to let her know we are pulling the plug on her. We have like 6 weeks left on the contract. I am going to start shopping for agents now. She just has me pulling my hair out. I talked to her, gave her a list of things that needed to change, discussed the lack of marketing, made suggestions, took pictures ourselves, talked to her some more. Everything I could do to make sure I was not breaking a contract without giving her a chance to correct things. Every time I bring up a point she just brings up something else I could do to the home. I just never even imagined having these issues. She makes most of her money from rentals at this point and has asked if we would consider just renting. lol Like I would let her rent our property after this fiasco.

    Talked to the hubby also and I think we are going to attempt to save up while the house sits on the market and build a tiny house on the farm so we have our own place. I need the security of a home even if its tiny. The house will sell eventually I hope and if after we get a good agent it does not sell then I guess we go into the rental property business and just live in our tiny home on the farm. Its where I want to be.

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