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  1. One of my hen started to lay eggs, ive cracked one to see if everything was ok and it look like there was an umbilical cord and the egg white was really thick. Usually in the eggs that i bought at the store, it doesnt loof and feel like that.

    Is it normal?

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    Yes it is normal. It takes a month or so for their bodies to get into good quality egg production. I have 3 of 6 that started last week. One give small pullet size egg with good shell in nest box every other day. The other 2 are giving soft shelled eggs mostly from the roost and once in a nest box. I have been eating the hard shelled ones, but not the soft shells. Give them time. [​IMG]
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    The umbilical cord you see is the chalaze of which there are two on either side of the yoke. They help hold the yoke in the center of the egg. They fade with the egg's aging, which is why you don't notice them as much in a bought egg.
  4. Are they good to eat? What do you mean by ''egg aging''? Does it mean that i got to store the eggs or i got to give more time to my chicken to get older?
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    The former. Eggs you buy in the store can be a month old before they get to your frying pan. Eggs that come right out of a chicken will have that little stringy bit and the yolk will sit MUCH higher on a very thick egg white. These are signs of a quality egg, not that something is wrong.

  6. So its good to eat?
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    Good to eat.
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    Best eggs to eat!! [​IMG]

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