State Fair ducks


8 Years
Jun 15, 2011
Just went to the fair today and got to see all of the ducks and chickens that were being showed. I'm fairly new to ducks and everything so this was my first time ever seeing "show quality" ducks! They were BEAUTIFUL! I wish I could have taken them all home with me

2 things that surprised me though- I knew call ducks were small, but I had no idea HOW SMALL they actually were. Wow, they are so little and cute!
Also, the Rouens that were being showed were HUGE. They had such a huge deep keeled look to them. My rouens are TINY compared to those big guys! I sure hope not all rouens are supposed to be THAT big, because if they are I might have a mallard rouen mixes?

And I've decided I now want some indian runners

Anyways, it was pretty cool and I really enjoyed it, but I forgot to get pictures!
Just thought I would share with you guys. I would definitely like to get more ducks and enter them in shows now!

Does anyone here show?
It's incredible seeing exhibition birds for the first time isn't it?? Even the best photos truly don't do them justice. I had so many of the same impressions when I went to my first show a few months ago! And no reason to assume your rouens are mixes - they just come from hatchery/production lines. It's a really big amount of variation between hatchery birds and show quality breeders.

I haven't shown but I've looked into it a bit. Seems like a simple process really - they just have to be clean

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