State Fair, Every enter an item???????????

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    Mar 31, 2008
    Our local state fair is the North Georgia State Fair in Marietta. I'm thinking about entering the iced layer cake division as well as a few others. My jams and jellies are not up to standards although my husband and kids think they are "the best". How competitive is this world. We go every year and make a bee line to the livestock tent and baked goods area. I would also like to enter a couple of my chickens but I can't find ANY info on how to do it. I'm going to start making calls Monday to find out. The closest I've come to the inside track on what goes on in these things is entering a flower arrangement for my garden club years ago. Little Boy blue was the theme and it wasn't fun trying to come up with something to fit. Tell me your experiences with your State Fair.
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    I've been entering the open shows at our county fair every year since I was too old for 4-H. Our fair is small and it's not all that competitive at all. I entered three photos this year and didn't win anything, but it was fun having my stuff there and showing it off! I would say just go for it and see how you do! You might be surprised!
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    Mar 31, 2008
    I can't believe there aren't more of you who have been exhibitors at your state or County fair..........
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    May 4, 2008
    I would like to show at the Harrisburg fair this January, but I am not sure what shots the chickens need, or who to go to for them....
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    Mar 27, 2009
    With our fair usually you get an exhibitor's handbook several months in advance. The information and entry forms are usually available through their website as well. That should give you the info as far as entry fees and deadlines, guidelines for your entry, and all that other good stuff.

    The competition can still be tough. If there's a novice division and you qualify, go for that. What I see at my local fair is a lot of mid-level competition and then a couple of big name people usually sweeping the classes.

    On the plus side, entering something in our fair lets you pay $15 for a wristband that entitles you to free entry and parking for the duration of the fair. Even if you win nothing, it's still worth it!
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    I've had entries at the NC State Fair. My baked goods were never good enough but I always did well in the horticulture contests. I've won blue ribbons for roses and ivy. Numerous second and thirds too. I entered for several years but haven't done so in awhile.
    My biggest win came quite unexpectedly. I had never made jam although my mother used to make tons of strawberry jam when we were growing up. I thought I'd try to make some jam. My fav is red raspberry but the nectarines looked really good that year so I concocted a raspberry/nectarine jam. I thought it was pretty good for my first ever jam so I added it into my usual horticulture entries for the fair. My mom was entering baked goods (which she does well in) so we were over in that building anyhow.
    So a week later we are at the Fair to see how we did. Mom took a 3rd for pound cake. My rose won a blue ribbon so I was happy. I figured my jam probably didn't do well - going up in a tough category (Jams - other. meaning basically not strawberry! LOL) and going against these canners who have been doing it all their lives. So we are looking at the rows of jars, some with ribbons and some without. Mine is no where to be seen. I thought, was so bad that they tossed it? No, I thought it was good. It WAS good. We ask the lady who was helping run the exhibit and explained to her that I couldn't find my entry. She asks my name and her face lights up! "Oh, it's right over here on the winners table!". and so it was, with a huge blue ribbon on it and a list of judges comments that made me blush with pride. My jam, my first ever jam won the jam division. It was (for me) EPIC!!!!
    So, even if you are a novice and think you can't go against those farm wives or the professionals - think again!
  7. vfem

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    Aug 4, 2008
    Fuquay Varina, NC
    I've done some recipes for the fair in NC for the first time last year. They didn't do very well (as I didn't win anything) but I'll be doing more this year. I have some baked goods, and canned goods I want to enter for sure. [​IMG]
  8. Oh it's fun even if you don't win a thing! I love to look at all the other entries! (I AM A FAIR ADDICT)

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